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NieuwsVolition – live drawing met Kevin Scholtze

Volition – live drawing met Kevin Scholtze

Together with artist Kevin Scholtze i did a project called “Volition”.
The purpose of this experiment was to broadcast a drawing being made live based on voting being done live from the audience so the story would develop based on these votes. The viewers would tune in on our channel to watch us do the drawing live.
The basic idea of this experiment: We had a basic story but the viewers would alter this story by voting during the broadcast. We were supposed to anticipate on these decisions the audience would make. We also decided that we had to do this drawing in a timespan of 40 minutes. And the drawing area was 10 meters accross(!) . This was a very interesting project to work on and looking forward on doing more of these projects with Kevin. 
Most photos were made by Joram Hamer

Terug Naar Boven
Illustraties en infographics op maat. Ontwerp-technisch lever ik maatwerk met persoonlijkheid, in dienst van het concept.

Freelance illustrator Utrecht.

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