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NieuwsRecensie door Worm

Recensie door Worm

De strip “iObject vs iSubject” wordt nu ook bij WORM Rotterdam verkocht. En ook nog een mooie recensie erbij geschreven:
Jacco de Jager – iObject VS iSubject
Yes, it’s lady-violence. But, take note ! The heroines of this story are more sparring partners than opponents. The fight is about self-affirmation and finding a balance, not letting the one element dominate the other. At the request of these two wonderwomen, Mette Sterre and Samantha Thole (picture included) Jacco de Jager made an animated sequence of their cosmic encounters. It is based on a performance entitled iObject vs. iSubject which is an artistic research into the (thus named) philosophical problem. Besides age-old feminist issues, it deals with universal sores, packaged in the aesthetics of Transformers, WWE wrestlers, and (yes, scantily clad) valkyries.
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Donorbrain: Illustraties, Grafisch ontwerp en kunst - Jacco de Jager

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